What If It Was just me?

It Wasn't Just You.

It never was.
I was shocked to find it. I didn't believe it at first. The timing was crazy. I’ve kept it to myself. I've felt no need to share it or to try and explain it. No ego. It's a sacred curio for me. I listen to it sometimes early in the morning while I'm walking. I watch the sun rise. I reflect. I smile. I’m in a much better place now, perhaps better than ever in some ways, but I lost plenty and it took a lot out of me. Either way, you helped me feel again and I just want to say thank you.

you have me
like you always do
when you sit back
so cool
and there is nothing
that i can do
to overcome your grasp
i tried
it almost broke me
i had to fall
out of love with you
in hopes that it would cure me
but i couldn't
that's the thing
if you only knew
how surreal it all is for me
and now i'm back
where i started
scares the hell out of me
but then again
not really
because it was torturous
living without you
i carried you with me
almost everywhere i went
you were always with me
i swear it's true
there is nothing that i wouldn't do
just to spend time with you
and this is a simple rhyme
surely not worthy of you
but then again
that's never mattered to you
we each built empires
but yours was impenetrable
and mine was just a fantasy
a poet's realm
and it's a lonely place
living here without you
that's just the truth
i swim and swim and swim
but the current gets the best of me
and the critics will line up
to try and understand our lines
but they'll never see through
what we have inside
you were kissed
and so was i
it was never just you
under that poetic tree
you folded me like origami
and flicked me across the table
into the illustrated desert
where i stand sometimes
arms folded
waiting for you or for a hearse
and i'd be happy to see either
because this has got to be the worst
i've felt in decades
i stutter and hope to find reprieve
here in my silent little lonely world
where the waves have overthrown me
and i swear the water i'm drowning in
it could fill up the grand canyon

You can try but you'd better be amazing...